The Gorges Caglieron

A walk through gorges and caves: the Gorges Caglieron

The Gorges Caglieron are located just 15 minutes from Vittorio Veneto in the hills surrounding Fregona.

Are natural gorges carved by the river in the sandstone and limestone conglomerate rocks.
Starting from the 16th century have been expanded due to the extraction of stone for building purpose.
Wooden walkways and bridges are going along the deep gorge of the caves. Numerous waterfalls are accompanying the visitor along the route.
The visit to the gorges of Caglieron is very easy for tourists who will spend a nice stop along the road leading from Vittorio Veneto to the forest Cansiglio.
On the other side of the gorge there is an old mill that was converted into a cafeteria/restaurant.

Update of 06/12/2020

A violent storm caused enormous damage to our country and, unfortunately, also to the Caglieron Caves. They will remain closed for a while. We thank you for the messages of closeness and solidarity and we promise you our utmost commitment, so that they return as beautiful as you have known them, as soon as possible.
Stay connected to receive updates regarding the next reopening.

Marries in the gorges of the caglieron