A day on Dolomites and Cortina

Get a cheap rental apartment in Vittorio Veneto, and go visit Dolomites and Cortina !

It’s absolutely true. A short 1hr drive from your home or apartment in Vittorio Veneto, and you are already in the valley of Cortina in Cadore, surrounded by the most beautiful mountains in the world.

Take the Autostrada A 27, exit Vittorio Veneto Nord, drive over Belluno, Ponte nelleAlpi, Tai diCadore. Past San Vito, 6 km before Cortina d'Ampezzo, you're almost arrived in the paradise of the Dolomites. As in a movie at 360 °, you will find yourself in a green valley surrounded by pink and silver steep picks, caught in the mountain's embrace. From right to left, one by one, all these mountains with magical names will rise before you: the Antelao, the Sorapis, the Cristallo, the Pomagagnon, the Tofane, the Cinque Torri (five towers), the AverauNuvolao, the CrodaLago, the BeccodiMezzodì, the Pelmo.

Prepare your schedule at home; put on the table the map of Cortina hiking pathways; choosethe most suitable hike for you and your friends. Leave from Vittorio Veneto at 8:00 am with proper shoes and a jacket. At 9:30 am you will be at the starting point in Cortina ready to Hike on a 5hr path (add 1hr for a small lunch in a mountain hut with a beautiful view). At 3:30 pm  (or 4:30 pm the latest), you’d better be on your way back to Cortina, just intime for a nice stroll in town to browse into beautiful shops.

At 7:00 pm you could be back in your holiday apartment or villa. A nice shower andyou are ready to go out for dinner in an antique tavern (osteria) in Vittorio Veneto. Start with a white Proseccowine and go on with a red Cabernet. We suggest to order“polenta e baccalà alla Vicentina” ….

 Antelao: get to Dolomites and Cortina in Veneto

 Sorapis, reach Cortina Ampezzo Dolomites from Venice

 Cristallo: arrive in Cortina Dolomites  from Venice

Pomagagnon: Dolomites and Cortina

Tofane: arrive in Dolomites short term apartment

5 Torri


a day on Dolomites

The Dolomites, the Pale Mountains

The Dolomites are also called the “Pale Mountains”, as according to a local legend about a Prince who lived in the mountains and who fell in love with the Princess of the moon. He goes to live on the moon with her, but the bright light forces him and his bride to return to Earth. She pines for the moon,unfortunately, the Prince could not take her back home because if hed id he would go blind. In the end hefinds a way to bring some of the moon toher covering the mountains with ray sof moon light creating the pale color the Dolomites are nowfamousfor.
Nowadays, these same pale mountains magically change colour throughout the day depending on the intensityof light, pinkatdawn and dusk and silver just after sunset.

Walks and hikes on pathways and trails onthe Dolomites of
Cortina d’Ampezzo in Cadore.

The map published by “Gruppo Guide Alpine” and mountaineering school in Cortina shows 90 trails, 30 fixed ropes routes, 20 mountain huts. So there is a wide choice amongeasy ordifficult,short or long, steep or flattrails. You can also choose, among a variety of alpine huts, the best place for you and your familyto have a break enjoyingthesplendid view of the Dolomites.

Some of these pathways start from the center of Cortina; some others have more convenient departure points.
With just a few kilometer drive on a beautiful road you can reach Pian del Menis on the Falzarego Pass Road (Bar Restaurant “ dara Nona”) best staring point for the Cinque Torri hike orFalzarego Pass best starting point for the Lagazuoi  hike. You will always be surrounded by the magical view of Dolomites.

In the surroundings of Cortina d’Ampezzo, there are many chairlifts and cable cars, operating also in summer, thatbring visitors to the huts, and facilitate the hikes at high altitudes.

  •    Cable car Lagazuoi, open since May 29th, phone  +390436867301
  •    Chairlift Cinque Torri, open since June 5th , phone +3904364010
  •    Cable car Faloria, open since June 19th, phone +3904362517
  •    Cable car Tofana, open since July 7th, phone +3904365052

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Not only Cortina! The Dolomites includea very large territory, from
South Tyrol to Friuli.

We often speak of Cortina d'Ampezzo because it is the most popular town in the areaand the closest to Vittorio Veneto, Venice and Treviso.

But in the Dolomites there are dozensof beautiful places.,.Just take a look at the maps. You'll find Auronzo, Arabba, Alleghe, Falcade, Carezza, Zoldo Alto, Ortisei, Canazei, Selva and much more .....

In order to visit the Dolomites and get a complete idea of the area, you can also think of touring it by car, the routes we suggest on the bicycle tour page on this site are suitable for drivers too. They have been created on Google maps and GPS, you also see the altimeter… we assure you that the tours of the passes of Falzarego, Pordoi, Sella, Gardena, san Pellegrino are very beautiful and interesting also by car.