Castle for rent in Vittorio Veneto

Medieval Castle for rent in Vittorio Veneto near Venice and Treviso

A set of 3 units within the medieval castle: 4 rooms, 2 kitchens, 4 bathrooms, 2 livings and terrace on a wide garden. A top accommodation in Italy for your family and your group of friends.
Passing through the massive main gate you arrive into a large garden basking in the shade of old trees, surrounded by ancient embattled walls, a magical place isolating you from the normal world……. In the past,Serravalle was one of the most important towns of the Serenissima Republic of Venice. It was a vital defence point in the route connecting the Venetian hinterland with northern European regions and a bustling centre of commerce and industry (including but not limited to wool, swords, bell founding).

castle for rent in vittorio veneto

Up 8 people–Vittorio Veneto,–Treviso–Italy. A set of 3 units enclosed by a Medieval Castle.

The best for a family or a group of friends. Located on the top of the hill the Castle offers you a 360 degree panorama of Medieval roofs, and the view of beautiful mountains. It’s an excellent departure point for visits to Veneto art towns, and/or for hiking or biking excursions in the near Dolomites.