One Day at the Lake of Revine

Lake of Revine: a way to spend a day outdoors, swimming and sunbathing! Let the children play in the playground!

Lake and pool near Vittorio Veneto

Diving platform, lake shore close to Vittorio Veneto

Lake of Revine

Pizzeria and restaurant Lake of Revine front in Tarzo

Spend a day with your family on the shore of the lake of Revine and Tarzo

There you can swim in the pool, divefrom the platform into the lake, use a barbecue, let the children play in a well equipped playground, play mini golf.
Next to the pool is also a good restaurant with lakeside terrace. Our guests benefit from a special price.

Park didactic of the livelet

Open on Sundays and holidays from April to October.
Visit the stilt houses rebuilt together with our archaeologists and learn about life by the lakes during the Neolithic, the Copper and Bronze Ages

Starting from the villa or apartment you will rent in Vittorio, it is very easy to get the lake

Among the various outdoor activities that can be practiced in Vittorio Veneto, it is also to spend a day on the shore of one of the lakes that are very close to the city. Lake Santa Croce is famous for its constant winds that favor the surf, and especially kite surfing. And 'it frequented by swimmers who use umbrellas and sun loungers for hire on site. The three lakes in the Val Lapisina, the Negrisiola, the Restello and the Lago Morto are npt suitable for swimming, because the water is very cold. Well suited to sunbathing, and walking on their shores.
Lake Revine and Tarzo is what most of all is suitable for swimming. In fact there are bathing facilities both on the shore of Revine, is on the shore of Tarzo. The structure is more equipped to Tarzo, Lido Prealpino. You can get in a few minutes, starting from the villa or from 'apartment you have rented in Vittorio Veneto, it is really a very short car ride.