Enjoy the sea of the Adriatic beaches

Adriatic beaches

Adriatic beaches are really close, more or less in 1hr by car from Vittorio Veneto . This is why residents of Treviso, Venice, Padua, like to spend their weekends, tanning on a chaise longue, and diving into the sea from time to time.
June, July, August and the first half of September are the best months for foreign visitors looking for sunny weather, especially for those tourists coming from Northern Europe, who usually spend one or two weeks, in a hotel, in a guesthouse, or in a furnished room.
The beaches of Jesolo, Caorle, Bibione and Lignano are really suggestive, a very wide foreshore with fine golden sand, on a almost always warm and calm sea.
It’s the perfect paradise for families with small children as you can always keep an eye on them and watch where they go, even if there is not any danger on the beach or in the sea. And children love to build sand castles and play marbles.
The beaches are completely covered with umbrellas and chaise longue. As these beaches are perfect for people who love contact with other people, who love to listen to many voices and a little music.
Basically, these beaches are crowded …
b ut there is one beach which is not very crowded: Bibione. P eople is never enough for its very wide foreshore and children have plenty of room to play. To find it you have to go all the way through Bibione Pineda, to the very end, where there is a campground . The last parking, the last gate before the campground… the right place is right there

Adriatic beaches: visit Lignano

Jesolo Adriatic beach  umbrellas

near Adriatic beaches, Caorle

Close to Adriatic  beaches, Bibione

And what about the outskirts?

The cities of Jesolo, Bibione and Lignano were built during modern times, they offer to visitors long shopping streets with all kind of stores, pubs, ice-cream shops and cafeterias … with one exception: the town of Caorle. Caorle boasts an antique town center and a history of fishermen and farmers that makes this interesting town worth seeing.

A pleasant surprise. A secluded beach : “La Brussa”, between Bibione and Caorle

La Brussa”, between Bibione and Caorle

If noise bothers you, if you do not like being surrounded by people,if you like being alone on the sand nothing but you, the sea and the sun, if you like long walks with your feet in the water, if you do not wish to share the same space with too many people, then the beach of Brussa is your beach.

Young people only! Jesolo discos! A real explosion!

Jesolo disco, 1h drive from Vittorio Veneto
Discos and clubs in Jesolo are famous for their vitality and their energy as for the newest trend in music
Jesolo nightlife will give you unexpected pleasure ! All kind of music: House, Hard House, Underg round, Jungle, Progressive, dee-jays of the moment and allnight parties …
The best for you would be to find an accommodation for one night in Jesolo, so you will not risk going back home at six in the morning.