A plaster Nativity Scene, crèche, is for sale at Serravalle antique’s market. Antique collectables
The Christmas Crib is of the 19th century, is composed by 16 figures 31” tall, is made of Gypsum, professionally restored

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A great value Christmas Crib, a complete Nativity scene, exhibited for sale in the Serravalle antique’s market of antiques and collectables.

Serravalle antique’s market: Christmas Crib
From the early centuries of Christianity the Nativity of Jesus was one of the central arguments of the artworks.
The artistic representation of Jesus' birth has been reproduced in many works of painters and sculptors.
This  antique plaster Christmas crib,  Nativity crèche, is made of gypsum; 19th century. Great value for the expressiveness of polychrome figures, and also for their size.
The standing figures are high 31”.
The Christmas crib is complete of all the 16 figures.

This Nativity Scene is for sale for € 3.900.00.

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Antique collectable Nativity scene, 19th century Christmas crib made of gypsum.
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