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La Divina Commedia,
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One of the rare examples of THE CODICE CASSINESE, in only 219 copies, printed by the Benedictine monks of the Abbey of Monte Cassino in 1865. Printed on handmade paper of high quality. The volume is perfectly preserved.

The Code Cassinese of the Divine Comedy.
Among the most valuable assets held in the prestigious Archives of Montecassino Abbey , but also one of the least known, is without a doubt the code cassinese of the Divine Comedy , manuscript dating back to the years immediately following the death of the poet , accompanied, among other things, a chapter by the son of Dante, Giacomo Alighieri.
On the occasion of the solemn celebration of the sixth centenary of Dante, the Codice cassinese has been printed with the types of the new monastic typography in 1865. It was made ​​a limited edition of 219 copies, which made ​​it of great value, beyond the literary historian .

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Dante’s Divine Comedy – Codice Cassinese
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