Mercatino di Serravalle antique’s market. Venetian silverware: San Marco silver flatware, cutlery set for 6 people, 20 pieces


mercatino of Vittorio Veneto

Vacation Rental by owners direct
near Venice close to Dolomites


20 pieces for 6 people. Rare, of the 19thsilver!
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antique silver curtlery
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A high value silver flatware set of the 18th century exhibited for sale in the Mercatino of Vittorio Veneto

A private is selling a Venetian silver cutlery set, composed of 20 pcs.:
Each piece has the original marks and hallmarks of the Mint of Venice (Toccatore della Zecca di Venezia)
antique silver cutlery set 18th century flatware set rare San Marco silver cutlery
The price of the silver set is of € 2.000.00.

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Venetian silverware, 18th century San Marco Venice flatware, silver cutlery set.
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