Vittorio Veneto is a pleasant holiday town and a center of art and history,
with excellent opportunity to buy antiques, for ex. a Christmas crib or a Venetian silver cutlery set

antiqe's market

Vacation Rental by owners direct
near Venice close to Dolomites


The  Serravalle Antique’s  Market, the Mercatino, an ancient tradition, an opportunity for lovers of antique’s and of decorative objects.

street market
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Collectables & Antiques Market
Every first Sunday of the month, in the historical centre Serravalle
antiques for sale, cutlery, Nativity scenes The Flaminio Square - Vittorio Veneto- Treviso- Italy

The Flaminio Square and the arches of via Martiri are filled with people, exposing the antiques for sale to private individuals, and at the same time looking for some shopping on the desks . At Serravalle antiques market private individuals buy and sell all kinds of antiques: books, lamps, small furniture, furniture, porcelain dinner services, glasses, small statues, silver cutlery services, Christmas crib figures, paintings, picture frames, Roman pendulum clocks,  antique books, rare edition of  the Divina Commedia codice cassinese
San Marco silver cutlery

Antique silver cutlery

Antique silver cutlery set, 20 pieces for 6 people. San Marco Venice antique cutlery of the 18th century. Original marks and hallmarks of the Mint of Venice ( Toccatore della Zecca di Venezia).
Excellent opportunity: € 2.000,00.....See details

Roman pendulum clock – 18th century Ancient Roman pendulum clock of 18th century

Roman table clock, cm. 22 x 50 x 65, wooden crate with rich applications of gilded bronzes – A rich and elegant example of the production of pendulum clocks in the 18th century in Italy. See details
Christmas crib figures

Rare Christmas crib of the 19th century

Rare Christmas crib of the 19th century, 16 figures (14 human + the ox + the donkey, only the Child is missing). The plaster figures, made of Gypsum, are about 31” tall ( 80 cm. standing); each figure has a great expressiveness. The Nativity Scene is polychrome, professionally restored: this Christmas crib is a great piece of Italian art.

Excellent opportunity: € 3.900,00.....See details

Christmas crib figures

La Divina Commedia, the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, codice cassinese - 1865

The book is perfectly preserved. Work of outstanding scientific importance, printed in 219 copies for subscription by name, list of subscribers at the end. See details

Divina Commedia – Milano – 1908 – Corrado Ricci The Divine Comedy, and the Italian artists of the 16th century – Dante Alighieri –
La Divina Commedia nell’arte del Cinquecento –
Corrado Ricci – Milano – Fratelli Treves – 1908

Rare book in folio (33x44 cm), binding in beautiful editorial canvas, front cover and spine titled in gold.
With 70 non text fabulous reproductions of masterpieces of the Italian painters of 16° Century: Michelangelo, Raffaello, Tiziano, Correggio, Botticelli,  Signorelli, Tintoretto, Caravaggio …See details

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Excellent shopping opportunities at Vittorio Veneto antiques market
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