Ancient Roman pendulum clock. Mercatino di Serravalle second hand market. Table clock with Roman numerals, for sale.

mercatino of Vittorio Veneto

Vacation Rental by owners direct
near Venice close to Dolomites

18th century

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A rich and elegant example of  pendulum clocks,with Roman numerals at every hour, made the 18th century in Italy.

A private is selling Roman table clock, cm. 22 x 50 x 65, wooden crate with rich applications of gilded bronzes.

A little bit of history. In 1582 Galileo, at that time he was a kid, he watched the swaying chandeliers in a cathedral, and noted that the time of oscillation was always the same regardless of the amplitude of the oscillation itself. Galileo threw the groundwork for the subsequent laws of motion and theory of universal gravitation by Isaac Newton. The first pendulum clock was designed by the Dutch astronomer Christian Huygens in 1656.

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Roman pendulum clock for sale in Vittorio Veneto
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