Luxury villas suitable for Italian holidays of executives, operators and visitors of Milano Expo 2015

Our suggestions to executives, operators and visitors of
Luxury accommodations In Italy
Luxury accommodations for Milano Expo 2015.

Opportunity to take a vacation in Italy during the period of the Milan Expo 2015.  Villas of great prestige, suitable to visit Venice, the Venetian historic towns, the Dolomites of Cortina, and sacred places of WW1


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Expo Milano 2015

Expo Milano 2015 has a theme: FEEDING THE PLANET, ENERGY FOR LIFE.
Is it possible to guarantee water and food for the entire world population? How to grant the biodiversity? Milano Expo 2015 will be a huge workshop, a series of  events, shows, meetings and conferences on this theme. 
From May 1 to October 31, 2015, during all 184 days of the event, more than 130 countries are committed to MILANO EXPO 2015, built on an area of one million square meters, to accommodate 20 million expected visitors .


The Universal Expositions

The Universal Expositions are events with cultural, educational and commercial value, that are organized and managed every 5 years by the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE). The BIE is composed of 168 States Member which have acceded to the Convention of 1928 and its subsequent protocols. The first Expo was the London Universal Exposition 1851. During the twenty-first century, the world-wide interest has grown steadily; for example: Hannover Expo 2000 (19 million), Aichi Expo 2005 (22 million), Shanghai Expo 2010 (73 million).


A great opportunity to visit Italy

It 's clear that a universal event of this size will cause a strong movement toward the most attractive tourist destinations .
Businessmen and people of culture engaged in Milano Expo 2015, probably wish to visit Venice, the Dolomites, Florence, Rome, Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore. In these locations, there are already many hotels, and are already operating several rental properties, villas, apartments, bed and breakfast.  For those wishing to visit Venice, Padova, Asolo, Treviso, the Prosecco Roads, the Dolomites and the trenches of the First World War, there is the possibility of renting a luxury villa in the surroundings of Vittorio Veneto.

Some groups of corporate executives, or the families of visitors, may prefer to stay near Milan, in a wonderful exclusive villa on Lake Maggiore. The famous town of Stresa, with its marvelous Borromean islands, is particularly close to Milan; and is served by the railway line that connects Rome, Milan, Geneva, Paris, London. There are also excellent connections to the airport of Malpensa. Stresa is therefore suitable for those visitors to Milan Expo 2015 that they wanted to take the opportunity of a wonderful holiday in Italy.


Special  for Milano Expo 2015 executives, who prefer to reach Expo every morning leaving the family vacationing in a exclusive villa near Milan:


Milano Expo 2015. Villa near Milan Luxury and prestigious villa in Stresa, suitable for Milan Expo
Independent villa in Stresa, Piedmont, 28838 Italy
villa, 10 people,
with garden waterfront on Lake Maggiore, view on Borromean Islands
8 bedrooms

from 3300 € x 1 week


Luxury and prestigious villa in Veneto, suitable for Milan Expo
visitors or operators, who intend to visit Venice, Padua, Asolo, the Prosecco roads,
the Adriatic beaches, the Dolomites and the trenches of world war 1:


Vacation house for Milano Expo 2015 Ancient Patrician villa
Indipendent villa in Codognè di Conegliano, Veneto, 31013 Italy
villa, 11 people,
with private swimming-pool e garden
5 bedrooms

from euro 800 x 1 week
holiday home for Milano Expo 2015 Kingdom of vineyards
Indipendent villa in Susegana, Veneto, 31058 Italy
villa, 8/13 people,
with private swimming-pool
7 bedrooms

from euro 4300 x 1 week
-accommodation for Milano expo 2015 Villa near Venice and Dolomites
Indipendent villa in Cappella Maggiore, Veneto, 31012 Italy
villa, 12/14 people,
with private swimming-pool e garden
6 bedrooms

from euro 800 x 1 week
Visit Italy during Milano Expo 2015 Medieval Castle
in Vittorio Veneto , Veneto, 31029 Italy
three separate apartments of different size, 8 people,
4 bedrooms

from euro 1600 x 1 week
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