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Encircled by the hills of the Venetian Prealps, at the foot of the Dolomites Alps, looking at the plain leading to Venice and Padua and to the Adriatic beaches, Vittorio Veneto is waiting for you.

Vittorio Veneto, short-term rentals for your holiday near Venice
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Vittorio Veneto, holiday in Italy, near Venice and Treviso

This small town ( 30.000 inhabitants) boasts one of Italy’s most beautiful Medieval settlement, like the Flaminio Square in the town of Serravalle, completely surrounded by Middle Ages and Renaissance buildings. Vittorio Veneto itself is a mine of art history treasures, and it is, at the same time, the most convenient departure point for your easy one day tour by car to explore other Venetian old towns all connected by a convenient highway: Venice (62 km), Padua (102 km), Vicenza (125 km), Belluno (41km), Asolo (61 km). The pink Dolomites paradise is reachable with a day trip, you can take the cable car of Tofane ( 3000 msl), enjoy breathtaking landscapes of mountains and forests, and be back in your villa or apartment in Vittorio Veneto before nightfall. You can also reach the sandy and sunny beaches of Adriatic sea ( Jesolo, Caorle, Bibione, Lignano) within a short car drive.

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“We had wonderful week”

Beautiful surroundings with high hills, ancient buildings and great food. We were warmly welcomed by people in charge of the apartments. The town has a cozy atmosphere with several small Trattorias that serve splendid cappuccinos, espressos, wine, gelatos and tasty local dishes. We highly recommend a stay in Vittorio Veneto to everyone keen on travelling.

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Self catering holiday accommodation

If you prefer to spend a quieter holiday, without being busy with tours or with   out of town car drives,  you can stay in Vittorio Veneto itself or in its nearest surroundings, and play any kind of outdoor activities (golfing, riding, biking, hiking). Vittorio Veneto is surrounded  by hills with fields, vineyards and forests,  and also by mountains 1500msl: for this reason is a paradise for those who enjoy  walking and cycling.  It is also very pleasant and enjoyable to spend the day walking through the paths in town, rich of gardens, villas and antique buildings. A very large street market  is held at on Mondays. Vittorio Veneto with its short-term homes and apartments is the best departure point for one day visits to Venice, to Padua and to Dolomites.

In the past there where two clearly divided settlements, Serravalle of Roman origin and Ceneda of early Venetian extraction. In the Middle Ages the walled town of Serravalle was a feud of the Signori Da Camino. The town  was well known for the temper and strength of the blades and the swords forged by the masters of Serravalle and Ceneda as to do so you’d have to deep the blade in the constant temperature of the Meschio river water (11°C).
The two towns have been unified in 1866, when the whole Veneto beca me part of the Italian Kingdom, and the new town took the name of Vittorio, in honour of the king Vittorio Emanuele. The final battles of the First World War along the river Piave, and on the hills of Grappa and Montello, which decided the defeat of the Austrian army, lasted ten days, since October 24th to November 3rd 1918. At the end of the Second World War Partisans fought against Nazi-Fascist troops on the mountains surrounding  Vittorio Veneto.
Architecture details, in Vittorio Veneto and its neighbouroods, and Treviso
5 rooms villa. Self catered – Serravalle square, by Pepita lp Close to the Venice-Treviso airports – Venetian building, by Pepita lp Villa for rent near Venice – windows, by Pepita lp Outdoor vacation in Vittorio Veneto – old window, by Pepita lp 2 rooms apartment, self catered – Flaminio square, by Pepita lp Apartments in Vittorio Veneto – antique window, by Pepita lp Holiday Homes and Apartments in Veneto – fresco, by Pepita lp Apartment  for rent near Treviso – wooden door, by Pepita Outdoor vacation in Vittorio Veneto – old window, by Pepita lp
Holidays apartment of 2 rooms and 4 beds – Pomponio’s fresco, by Pepita lp Visit Cortina in Veneto Dolomites – Church, by Pepita lp Villa for rent self catering – old building, by Pepita lp Apartment for rent self catering – Cathedral, by Pepita lp An art history town, Vittorio Veneto – cloister,  by Pepita lp Visit Venice, Padua, Vicenza, Asolo, from Vittorio Veneto – Chimneys, by Pepita lp Tourism in Veneto – window, by Pepita lp Holiday  rentals close to Venice-Treviso airport – old building, by Pepita lp Rent with direct owner a Veneto Villa – castle, by Pepita lp
Rent an apartment of 3 rooms for 3 people – View, by Pepita lp Rent with the direct owner a Veneto apartment – bridge, by Pepita lp Villa for  rent self catering – old building, by Pepita lp Villa for rent near Venice – windows, by Pepita lp Apartments self catering in Veneto, windows, by Pepita Self catering villas in Veneto – old windows, by Pepita lp Close to the Venice-Treviso airports – Venetian building, by Pepita lp Veneto Dolomites, Cortina d’Ampezzo – windows, by Pepita lp Owners direct apartments near Venice – a balcony, by Pepita lp
Owners direct villas near Venice – balcony, by Pepita lp Rent with direct owner a Veneto Villa – castle, by Pepita lp Rent a villa for 12 people – Arcades, by Pepita lp Rent a villa of 4 rooms 8 people – S. Augusta, by Pepita lp Flavour of holidays in Veneto – antique tower, by Pepita lp Down town apartments for rent – River, by Pepita lp Villas, homes and apartments in Veneto – door, by Pepita lpClose to Treviso, country side – Courtyard, by Pepita lp 5 rooms villa. Self catered – Serravalle square, by Pepita lp

Art and history jewels

Thanks to its location, being a door between the Dolomites and the Adriatic region of Venice, a Castrum of Roman times, a walled town in the Middle Ages, a passage for the merchants and artists, and a flourishing town in the Renaissance, a residence of the Venetian nobles in 1700 and 1800, Vittorio Veneto is very rich of important buildings and works of art.

  • Archaeological finds of the proto-Venetian and Celtic age on the Colle Antares;
  • A Roman castle, with Longobard finds (700) : Castello di San Martino;
  • A Castrum of Roman origin, and subsequently in the Middle Ages the headquarter of the Signori da Camino;
  • A defence system all around the town, with walls, towers and castle;
  • Several churches, from the Middle Ages to the XVIII, Pieve di Sant’Andrea (1303), SS. Lorenzo e Marco (1348) Giovanni (1357), S.Giustina (1500), la Cattedrale di Ceneda (1773), il Duomo di Serravalle (1779);
  • Several museums and buildings from the Middle Ages and Renaissance period, the Museo del Cenedese (1462) with the antique belltower (1200), the Museo della Battaglia (1537), and the Building of the Seminario ( Bishop’s seminary, 1587);
  • And inside the churches and the palaces are several paintings and statues of famed artists: Tiziano Vecellio (1500), Marco Vecellio (1595), Antonello da Serravalle (1485), Francesco da Milano (1500), and Sansovino (1500)
30’ from home - Pizzoc – tks to by Roberto Dona' 10 Adriatic beaches – about 1h from your home –tks to unsitoacaso Landscape of Cortina, 1h car drive from Vittorio Veneto –tks to Fotoeweb 1h car drive to Cortina, Dolomites – tks to fotoeweb Lake of Santa Croce near Vittorio – tks to Bellunovirtuale Carnival of Venice –a green masque – tks to applecow pine wood in Cansiglio – tks to Altamarca Kite surf–Lake Santa Croce near Vittorio Veneto Vittorio Veneto nearby – biking –tks to Tosee
hiking in Cansiglio – tks to Magicoveneto Main square in Vittorio Veneto - tks Elena Azzalini 1h railway, Venice - tks  to Lauricella 510m’ from Vittorio Veneto – Lakes of Revine - tks to Tesoridelladriatico Prosecco vinyards in Valdobbiadene near Vittorio – tks to venetoinside Palladio’s villa along the Riviera del Brenta – tks to venetoinside rifugio Maset in Cansiglio, near Vittorio – tks to ilpaletto first steps of S. Augusta excursion directly from Serravalle, 30’ hiking very steep horse riding school, 5’ from your vacation villa – tks to rendola
Typical Adriatic beach, Jesolo – 1h from your accommodation  -tks to Agenziamarina Caorle history centre – not only sunny beach –tks to Panoramio Vittorio V.- the Monday’s morning street market – tks  to agneseginocchio one of the several  Sunday’s antique markets Venice Carnival  -Orange  Masque – tks  to applecow traditional barrels race - tks  to Giovanni Caron 1h20’ car drive from your home - Lake Ghedina near Cortina –tks to Picasa one  day’s tour to Venice- by Pepita easy car drive to Vicenza – by Pepita
Vittorio Veneto neighborhood – Biking – tks to Tosee Flowers  market in Vittorio Veneto - tks to Anna Marton 1/2h from Vittorio – Treviso - tks  to viaggi.atuttoclic Cansiglio, Alpago, monte Cavallo  – hikers paradise - tks to ilpaletto Cansiglio Golf club , 30’ from Vittorio Veneto – tks to Golfmagazine Vittorio Veneto fireworks,  August, 3rd  Sunday, by Sergio Balliana a visit to Bassano del Grappa – by Pepita Hikers Paradise in Cansiglio, half. h from Vittorio – tks to ilpaletto hiking in Cansiglio and Piancavallo – tks to Magicoveneto

Places you can get from Vittorio Veneto, by car, by train, by bus

Places you can get to staying in Vittorio Veneto and its surroundings

Venice county side, near Treviso and Dolomites


Vittorio Veneto, the town of WW1 Victory
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