Violin classes in Vittorio Veneto. The famous violin school of Zinaida Gilels. International Music Summer Camp in Vittorio Veneto

vittorio veneto holidays!

Apartments for rent short term, during the violin classes

A severe campus to teach the violin to young and enthusiast students who come from all over Europe, in the Renaissance town Vittorio Veneto.

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International Music Summer Camp Zinaida Gilels in Vittorio Veneto
Violin  summer courses violin classes in Vittorio

In Vittorio Veneto are held each year the courses of Zinaida Gilels Violin School, housed in the 'Istituto Musicale Auditorium San Giuseppe "A. Corelli ". The teachers, all of great prestige, are driven by Caterina Maria Carlini of the Conservatory in Milan. This year the lessons were held from July 26 to August 3, 2014, and were followed by dozens of young students from different countries of Europe.

  • Teachers:
  • Violin: Maria Caterina Carlini
  • Assistant: Gabriele Schiavi
  • Violin and String Orchestra: Mirei Yamada
  • Violet: Claudio Pavolini
  • Cello: Angelo Zanin
  • Harp:Anna Maria Palombini
  • Guitar: Renato Samuelli
  • Piano: Michele Bolla
  • Assistant: Maria Tea Lusso

  • On days August 1st, 2nd, 3rd  there will be three lectures of the great Latvian violinist Ilya Grubert, who was just a student of Zinaida Gilels.
    The Zinaida Gilels school is a technical laboratory on the path traced by the great tradition of Russian School, went from Yankilevitch to Zinaida Gilels and from herself  to Caterina Maria Carlini.
    Zinaida Gilels, active in Russia, in the United States and in Europe, has developed a specific teaching method to help young violinists to overcome the many difficulties of the study of the violin.
    The Summer Camp of Vittorio Veneto is designed as a real college with the ability to do all the activities and food and lodging inside the structure.

    The Summer Camp is housed in the structure of the Collegio San Giuseppe, in Vittorio Veneto.
    The bed and breakfast and apartments for rent in the city have given hospitality to the families of the students.

    International violin summer camp
    Venice county side, near Treviso and Dolomites


    Vittorio Veneto, the town of WW1 Victory
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