The best place to fish in fresh water: Lake Revine.
There you will find a pleasant accommodation in apartments or villas for rent


Fresh water fishing.

Fresh water fishing.

In Veneto, Italy, at Revine Lake are available boats and complete angling tools sets.


Fresh water fishing.
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Would you like to have the thrill of catching a 4 kg pike a 7 kg carp?

Are you a fan of fishing, angling in fresh water? Do you love angling the black bass? The lakes of Revine, near Vittorio Veneto, are waiting for you! Search for an accommodation in a villa or an apartment for rent in Lago, or in Revine, or in Vittorio Veneto and its neighborhood! Be sure that there it is possible to rent a little boat, with a complete set of fishing and angling tools! Donít worry for the fishing permit: itís very simple to get one for a cheap price, daily or weekly.

pike fishing at Revine Lakes angling a carp at Lake of Revine Lago

Information on fishing, angling and the permits required for the fresh water of Revine Lakes

Fresh water fishing (pesca sportiva) in Italy is practiced chiefly as a competitive and recreational activity.
It is considered illegal to fish without adhering to the protected areas, catch fish that do not meet the minimum size standards or fish during a forbidden period. A person found doing so may be liable for a fine. Treviso Provincial administration offices provides information on fishing restrictions, facilities and applying for licenses. The Revine Lakes Association obtained from the Treviso Province the special the local authorization to issue the fishing permits for one day, for one week,  for one month, for one year.

 List of places and persons authorized to issue permits for fishing in the lakes of Revine:

  • Lido Prealpino via Fratta 89 Tarzo tel.0438 925057 – Monday closed
  • Osteria da Becher via Colmaggiore di sotto 76 Tarzo Tel.0438 586466 – Tuesday closed
  • Bar gelateria Michelon P.zza 4 novembre 7 Tarzo Tel.0438 586853 – Thursday closed
  • F.lli Della Bella Bomboniere via Fratta 15 Tarzo Tel 0438 586568 Fax 0438 587484
  • Pizzeria Al Lido Via Carpene 14 Lago Tel 0438 562030 – Monday closed
  • Camping Riva d'Oro strada dei Laghi 13 S.Maria di Lago Tel 0438 929110
  • Presidente Ass. "I Nostri Laghi" Rino Rizzo Cell.336 375657

  • The fishes

    In the lakes are many different kind of fresh water fishes: Carp, Tench, Pike, Black Bass, Perch, Bass, Eel, Carassius , etc. . Fishes whose capture gives more satisfaction are the pike, black bass and carp.

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    Fresh water fishing and angling in Veneto, near Venice, Treviso and Dolomites.
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