Kite surfing school Lake Santa Croce, an important kite boarding spot, between Venice and Cortina, near Vittorio Veneto. Suitable to swim and to sunbathe

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The kiteboarding school of the Lake of Santa Croce: there is an important kite surfing spot, thanks to the constant winds from the Dolomites. The lake fits to sunbathe and to swim.

Santa Croce,accommodations in Vittorio Veneto

The Lake of Santa Croce: a kitesurfing paradise!

Lake of Santa Croce is very close to Vittorio Veneto and is easily reachable from Venice or Cortina, as it is just 2 km from the interchange of the Autostrada A27, the highway that links Venice to Belluno in the Dolomites.
The lake has become an important reference point to windsurf and kiteboard lovers, thanks to the distinctive and constant winds usually blowing from 1.30 until 7 p.m.
The spot on the lake of Santa Croce where you can practice kitesurfing is easy accessible by car. There are two paying parking lots.
There’s also a campsite, mostly frequented by surfers. Inside the campground there's a kitesurfing school. The beach could be crowded with people just sunbathing on the shore at times, but the ambience is easy and friendly.
On the “kitesurfatlas” website you can find detailed info regarding the wind and suggestions for the advisable wetsuits edited by skilled and expert kitesurfers.

a sport day, from your accommodation apartments suitable for surfing excursions

The district of Alpago and Lake Santa Croce are wonderful places for outdoor activities.

And very close to Vittorio Veneto( 20 minutes car drive)

Not only kite surfing at the Lake ! The shores, at the side of the kite surfing school and  the camping, are very quiet and suitable for sunbathing, swimming, and maybe even for taking a nap.

Or, if you feel the need to exercise, take a stroll around the lake, or rent a bike. Or go on a walk: the Alpago, between Lake Santa Croce and the plateau of Cansiglio is very green and is crossed by beautiful trails. If do you like fishing, it’s possible to rent small wooden boats at the Bar (Cafeteria) “da Fortunato” , Poiatte street, in Farra d’Alpago. Your possible prey: pikes and perchs. Before to go there, it’s better to call mr. Fortunato, ph.+39 (0)437 4244

a lake suitable to surf and to sunbathe holiday home for rent near Santa Croce
accommodation close to the lake apartment for rent near Santa Croce
Fishing near Vittorio Veneto pikes fishing near Vittorio Veneto

Excursions to Farra, Pieve d’Alpago, lake Santa Croce, Cansiglio forest

Not only kitesurfing !

Alpago is a beautiful region, it lies between Veneto and the Dolomites of Belluno.  This region boasts not only a scenic overlook of the lake of Santa Croce, where in the right season sunbathing tourists and kitesurfers flock, but it is also proud of its agreeable climate and its amazing landscapes with a fantastic view of the Dolomites.

The Alpago is the right destination for  bicycle riding lovers and for those who have a passion for hiking. All roads and paths are surrounded by mountains and by natural unspoiled scenery. Cansiglio Plateau and Mount Cavallo overlook Pieve d'Alpago and Farra.

Visitors usually come for excursions from Venice, Treviso, Belluno.
From Vittorio Veneto you have two ways to reach by car 'Alpago and Lake Santa Croce. You can take in Vittorio Veneto the Autostrada to Belluno and exit at the first gate (with just a 20 minute car drive). Or go from Vittorio Veneto to  Cansiglio and then down the other side towards Alpago. This road is longer but more beautiful, continuously lined with woods and greenery.

Rent a bike:

  • Camping Sarathei (kite surfing school) ph. +39 0437 454937
  • MTB Alpago - Chies d’Alpago – ph. +39 347 6630640 
  • Due Ruote Sport – Ponte nelle Alpi – ph. +39 0437 99.98.29

In Pieve d’Alpago there is one of the most famous restaurant in Italy: the Dolada.


Dolada Restaurant -Arcade House, 13 Albemarle St,London, W1S 4HJ, United Kingdom
phone: +44 020 74091011 +44 020 74091011

Unequalled. A little expensive…!!

Accommodations suitable to hike hiking in Alpago from Vittorio Veneto

Venice county side, near Treviso and Dolomites


Vittorio Veneto, the town of WW1 Victory
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