Excursions and guided tours to the places of memory of WW1: open-air museums, trenches, memorials and monuments in the Dolomites

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This year is celebrated the centenary of the beginning of WW1. Vittorio Veneto is the Italian city symbol of victory, and the places of the war, from the Piave to the Dolomites, are just a short car ride 

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Vittorio Veneto and the victory of the First World War.

On October 26, 1917, the Italian army collapsed at Caporetto :  Italy had not lost a battle, but  had lost the war: the entire Friuli and the eastern Veneto occupied by enemy armies; the  Italian army completely disintegrated. It was not so. The army lined up on river Piave, and from that line could not retreat. On the front also came  the famous “ ragazzi del 99”, boys born in 1899. General Diaz , who replaced General Cadorna , restored confidence to the troops. The Italian army was now firmly lined up on river Piave, and ready to defend themselves to the last man. The Allies , British, French , Czechs , Americans, lined up on the shore of river Adige , because they were convinced that the line of the Piave river would collapse. It was not so. The Italian troops were able to resist the strong Austrian attacks in June 1918. After this heroic resistance, the army began to prepare for the big offensive. So, October 24, 1918, has been launched the full-scale offensive. It was the great Battle of Vittorio Veneto. After 5 days of hard battles the Austro-Hungarian army was forced to withdraw up to Vittorio Veneto: October 30th the city was liberated.

trenches first world war

The town of Vittorio Veneto was the center of a great and glorious historical event! Many open-air museums, that show how tough and tragic was the trench warfare, are just a short trip by car, and also many WW1 memorial monuments and cemeteries in honor of the fallen soldiers of different nationalities. Vittorio Veneto is centrally located for touring the trenches of the Great War and also to monuments, memorials and WW1 cemeteries. It is also central for visits to Venice, to the art cities of Veneto and to the Dolomites, for this reason is the city most suitable for a week's holiday, where you can book and rent an apartment, a house, a villa countryside Venice and near the Dolomites

World War I. Italian infantry in the trenches memorial of dead soldiers in Dolomites trenches first world war

Ernest Hemingway on WW1 Italian front. The novel A farewell to arms


The United States entered the WW1. Shortly after Ernest Hemingway showed up as a volunteer to go fight in Europe with the American Expeditionary Corps under General Pershing. He was enrolled as ambulance driver of the American Red Cross and  was sent on the bank of the river  Piave, near Fossalta, as assistant to the trenches. He participated in the defeat of Caporetto, witnessing the tragedy of the retreat of an army destroyed.  He was wounded in the knee and in the foot.
From this decisive experience was born his great novel A farewell to arms. Many scenes of the last  version of the movie based on the Hemingway’s novel were shooted in Vittorio Veneto
Some scenes of Sandra Bullock and Chris O'Donnell were shot in the old hospital, and others at the Pensione Rosa. In Via Roma in Serravalle you can still observe the 'sign of the Pension Rosa, which at the time of WW1 was used as a brothel for soldiers.

Hemingway red cross  WW1 soldier : Movie shooted in Vittorio Veneto WW1 in Vittorio

Vittorio Veneto has suffered a harsh military occupation by German Army as well by Austrian Army; the citizens were forced to a difficult cohabitation with troops of different nationalities.
The famous beautiful palazzi and villas of Vittorio Veneto had been requisitioned by the commands of the German and Austro-Hungarian Armies, which occupied them for a whole year, since the defeat at the Battle of Caporetto up to the victory of the river Piave.

Villa Croze Vittorio Veneto
If you want to enjoy a group tour to the WW1 trenches or WW1 shrines starting from the villa or apartment rented by you in Vittorio Veneto you can contact To see, travel and outdoor in Veneto
World War I. Italian infantry in the trenches

1914 - 1918

the centenary of the

First World War

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