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Vittorio Veneto is ideal town for those who want to combine fine arts study with an excellent holiday. Italy study abroad.

Vittorio Veneto is a true city of art in Italy, not only because it’s rich in palaces and artworks of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, but also because there are living and operating excellent artists and art teachers who have gained valuable experience.
Vittorio Veneto is home to both courses of the Institute of Art (public school) and courses taught by artists and artisans in their private studios and workshops. In the town are frequent exhibition of modern and contemporary painting, and there are based important  ancient and modern art dealers.
 Visits to interesting and pertinent locations are planned both in Venice and in the art cities of Veneto.
: fine arts workshops in Veneto


In 2002, the studio launched the Art Education Program for individuals and academic institutions. Consisting of a series of unique workshops, the program is designed for those looking to broaden their knowledge of traditional painting materials, techniques and conservation. Located in a 14th century palazzo in the historical heart of Serravalle, a medieval town 30 miles north of Venice, The Ortolan Studio Art Education Program not only offers specialist tuition, but also the opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in their surroundings and the artistic and cultural delights of a once in a lifetime Italian experience.

Fresco Painting
One Week

Roman Fresco
Italian Renaissance
Fresco Painting
Landscape painting
One Week

The workshops of the HOTEL CALVI

The hotel Calvi is situated at the ‘gates’ of Vittorio Veneto, thus called because it was the entrance to the ancient fortified hamlet of Serravalle for people coming from Cadore or from the valley
The closeness to the Dolomites and to Venice, Treviso, Asolo and other splendid Veneto towns make this historic centre the perfect choice for a holiday. Comfortable for businessmen, pleasant for tourists: Hotel Calvi combines the right kind of elegance with comfort to meet every guest’s needs. . Three interesting fine art courses are held in the romantic lounges, or in the garden overlooking the river Meschio:

acrylic painting lessons and porcelain decoration lessons:

ancient tradition of hand-embroidery

   For more information on courses please contact the Hotel reception

International School of Children’s Book Illustration
Sŕrmede, Italy Summer courses 2011

This year’s illustration courses, founded by Štepán Zavrel and sponsored by Sŕrmede Town Council, the Province of Treviso and the Veneto Region, will be held in Sàrmede from April 1st to April 3rd and from June 2nd to September 24th 2011.

The courses of children’s book illustration are run by internationally renowned artists who have developed their own individual teaching methods, which have already been put to the test in other centers in Italy and abroad. Svjetlan Junaković teaches illustration at the Academy for Fine Arts in Zagreb and is one of the teachers at the International Illustration School in Sàrmede.

The courses of children’s book illustration are run by internationally renowned artists who have developed their own individual teaching methods, which have already been put to the test in other centers in Italy and abroad.
These courses provide training sessions for various levels: from artistic specialization for those at advanced level to beginners courses for anyone interested in discovering the world of illustration.

Applications for admission to the advanced courses should be sent with 4 or 5 of the applicant’s own illustrations and a brief résumé of his or her educational and professional experience, including address and telephone number, to:  Scuola Internazionale d’Illustrazione - c/o Comune di Sàrmede - 31026 Sàrmede (Treviso) – Italy - or by email:
Successful applicants (a maximum of 23 per course) will be notified on selection. There will be no selection for beginners courses.
Sarmede is a beautiful village at the foot of the forest Cansiglio, near the cities of Venice, Treviso, Vittorio Veneto, Conegliano.

For information:
Fondazione Mostra Internazionale d'Illustrazione per l'Infanzia "S. Zavrel" (Foundation International Exhibition of children’s book illustrations) Via Marconi, 2 - 31026 Sàrmede (Tv) – ItaliaTel. +39 0438 959582 - Fax. +39 0438 582780 - Indirizzo skype: mostra.sarmede

Maurizio Olivotto Sarmede Students S. Junakovic A day in Venice Stepan Zavrel Illustration

A great opportunity!

A combination of a beautiful holiday in Italy with an important cultural growth of your experiences in Fine Arts Restoration and Conservation
The classes are held in Vittorio Veneto, which already by itself is a town rich in artworks from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and are also provided for visits to the masterpieces of other cities of the Veneto, Venice, Padua, Castelfranco, Bassano, Conegliano. The visits to important museums will help enlighten the techniques  learned  by the participants in classes and workshops.
Furthermore, Vittorio Veneto is a pleasant town suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities: riding, cycling, hiking in the woods and mountains, swim at the Adriatic beaches, visit the Dolomites of Cortina, kitesurfing at Lake Santa Croce, and playing golf. Vittorio Veneto is the best starting point for interesting tours to WW1 , to the roads of Prosecco wine,  to the most interesting cities in Veneto, and especially to Venice
Venice county side, near Treviso and Dolomites


Vittorio Veneto, the town of WW1 Victory
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