Cycle and bike riding vacations in Vittorio Veneto; this town offers one of the best bicycling holiday; accommodation in the apartments and villas near Venice and Dolomites

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Vittorio Veneto is the most suitable and convenient place for you to focus on bicycling vacations. Rent your holiday home or apartment close to Treviso, Venice and Dolomites
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Experience great cycling in Vittorio Veneto.

Here you will find challenging alpine passes and gentle roads through vineyards on the hills. Bicycle road trips on the Dolomites and mountain bike trails on Cansiglio, Pizzoc and Visentin.

Vittorio Veneto offers some of the finest bicycling vacations in Europe, with a large range of world class cycling activities thanks to its convenient location between the Adriatic sea of Venice, the plains of the rivers Po, Piave, Adige, Brenta, and the hills of Treviso Prealps), at the foothill of Dolomites Alps.
You can ride your bicycle on country roads, through Prosecco and Cabernet vineyards, through towering pine tree forests, or challenging and spectacular Alps passes, starting directly from just outside the door of the villa or the apartment you rented for your holiday. The landscaping of Vittorio Veneto offers the cyclist on vacation many challenges, personal rewards and great fun.
Choosing to stay in a nice accommodation in Vittorio Veneto will give you the chance to experience nice food and local flavors, peacefully focusing on your holiday, bicycling or mountain biking. In our accommodations, in the holiday homes and villas as well as in the apartments, you will find maps with complete information about cycling rides and mountain bike trails, sorted by type, name, distance, elevation gain  and route profile.
If you are not able to bring your own bike with you, please do not hesitate to tell us, we will try our best to find the right bicycle to suit your needs on the spot.

Performing tours

Gardena, Sella Campolongo and Pordoi are the most beautiful and challenging Alpine passes you can find in Europe. Drive from Vittorio Veneto to Roccapietore, there you can start a 95 km cycling tour to Livinnallongo - Arabba - Pordoi - Sella – Gardena – Corvara – Campolongo – Arabba, and back to your car in Roccapietore.
These routes are for well-trained cyclists.

Pass Gardena –1h30  car drive from Vittorio Veneto, -tks to biciturista Pass Sella –  1h30  car drive from Vittorio Veneto, tks to bici turista
: 1h40 car drive from Vittorio Veneto, -tks to biciturista Campolongo -dolomites – tks to Picasa

Suggested rides, directly from your accommodation in Vittorio Veneto

We can suggest some rides between 30 km and 140 km distance, starting directly from Vittorio Veneto, without having to move your car.
All rides present good elevation gain, uphill and downhill slopes but your efforts will always be accompanied by a beautiful view and green landscapes.
Your holiday accommodation in Vittorio Veneto are provided with all the info and maps you need; you can easily ask for directions to the people on the street too, cycling is a very popular sport in the entire Veneto, and cyclists are treated with friendly respect. The following comments to the routes are made by our friend Roy Zucchetto from Canada. He and 3 Canadian friends of his come back to Vittorio Veneto every year …

  • Tour of the forest Cansiglio,  46 miles: (see map and elevation profile ) Climb to top of Cansiglio including a beautiful panorama of the valley below. Then descend through picturesque towns to prestine lago di Santa Croce. .

  • Tour of the Montello, 71 miles: (see map and elevation profile ) Cycle through the Prosecco region to the bike friendly Montello.
  • Tour of the hills of Prosecco wine, 77 miles: (see map and elevation profile ) Ride the tranquil roads of the Prosecco hills. Picturesque villages and valleys. Stop at beautifull water falls and admire the vineyards..
  • Pianezze, 31 miles: (see map and elevation profile ) Cycle along the base road of the PreAlps to Historic Valdobbiadene. Then climb 18Km to the top of Pianezze. Breathtaking views of the Prosecco Hills.
  • San Boldo - Nevegal, 46 miles: (see map and elevation profile ) Climb the historic San Boldo with 18 switchbacks and tunnels. Continue along the the back roads to Nevegal. Take the time to view spectacular panorama's of the Dolomites in the distance. Descend down to pristine L. di Santa Croce.
  • Asolo, 71 miles: (see map and elevation profile ) Ride through the Prosecco region. Cross the historic Piave to picturesque Asolo passing Roman architecture. Then climb M. Grappa..
  • Marmolada – San Pellegrino, 67 miles: (see map and elevation profile ) Spend a day in the Dolomites. A short drive from V. Veneto. Climb the Marmolada to the glacier and stop for lunch in picturesque Moena.
  • Longarone - Cortina d’Ampezzo, 81 miles: (see map and elevation profile ) Starting from Longarone a short drive from V. Veneto cycle to Cortina for lunch and back. Great views of the Dolomites and beautiful valleys like Val di Zoldo..
  • Piancavallo– Lake of Barcis, 81 miles: (see map and elevation profile ) Climb M Cavallo. Spectacular panorama including a view of the Air Force Base. Stop for lunch at the top then continue down to picturesque L. Barcis through a dense forest.
  • Tour of Belluno, 53 miles: Vittorio Veneto – Revine – Tovena – Pass of Sant’ Ubaldo – Trichiana – Belluno – Ponte nelle Alpi – Lake of Santa Croce – Fadalto – Vittorio Veneto.
  • Short tour of the Lake Santa Croce, 25 miles: Vittorio Veneto –  Fadalto -  tour of the lake – Vittorio Veneto.
  • Short tour of San Lorenzo,  16 miles: Vittorio Veneto – San Lorenzo – Nogarolo – Tarzo – Corbanese – Formeniga – Vittorio Veneto.

road Cansiglio Alpago tour of Montello
WW1 Austrian military road, S. Boldo pass, tks to Magico Veneto wonderful landscapes, cycle riding –tks to Magico Veneto

The easy cycle path in town

To inexperienced or untrained cyclists Vittorio Veneto offers a cycle path along the river Meschio. The path begins from Serravalle and winds along the river for about 10 km  to the opposite end of town. Cyclists will be delighted by the sight of a landscape where nature and history go hand in  hand. Since ancient times, the river Meschio had been the only source of energy for the textile factories of carded wool; at the biegining the water was directly operating the machines, and only a long time later the water had been used to produce electricity for the looms. The City of Vittorio Veneto offers bikes to anyone who wants to enjoy a bike ride around town. It is a free service.

cycling path along the river Meschio

Venice county side, near Treviso and Dolomites


Vittorio Veneto, the town of WW1 Victory
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