The kitchen of Vittorio Veneto preserves the traditions of its splendor during the Middle Ages and Renaissance
The kitchen is still based on local products and wines from the hills of the Prosecco Cartizze

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In the heart of the splendid palaces of the Middle Ages and Renaissance was born and raised a great cooking tradition, based on local products and wines from the hills

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Traditional cuisine, local wines traditional cooking, Veneto wines, sparkling Prosecco
A first approach to Medieval Renaissance borough of Serravalle
Wine-tasting of local wines - Dinner of local recipes
traditional cooking dinner in Medieval Castle Promoters and organizers:
It's a cultural project intended to promote to foreign visitors the knowledge of the territory and its typical products.

Promoters are:
  • the Association "Amici del Castrum", which organizes during the summer since ten years the "Festival di Serravalle" and "Teatro al Castello";
  • The Association "Undicigradi," which organizes every year in October (first week) "Le giornate medievali alla corte Caminese" ;
  • with the Cooperation of the Association" Strada del Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene"
  • Vittorio Veneto cuisine and wines, dinner at the Castle

    The borough of Serravalle in Vittorio Veneto, a real architectural jewel of the Veneto with its splendid square and  Renaissance palazzi,can boast a great cooking tradition which in time has proposed and experimented always new recipes.


    A brief historical introduction during a stroll through the borough; arrival at the Taverna del Castello at the top of via Roma; a tasting of local wines with a professional sommelier; and a dinner of traditional recipes.
    The guided tours with dinner to follow are organized every Sunday night starting on 17 June 2012 until 9 September included.

    Meeting point

    The meeting point will be in front of the red little Church on Piazza Foro Boario at 7.00 p.m.
    The tour will end around 8.00 p.m. in the old tavern excavated in the rock in the ancient walls of the Castello di Serravalle where the dinner will take place.

    Guided tour of Serravalle
    Emotional short visit of Serravalle

    The history of Serravalle goes back to the Roman period. Around the Castrum Romanum was built the medieval fortress called Castello di Serravalle and around it developed the rich Renaissance town of Serravalle where every palazzo has its story to tell.
    For this reason we think it’s right for whoever comes as a visitor to have the possibility of getting to know Serravalle having some first emotional historical and artistic information.
    After this you might want to visit it again at leisure discovering individually new treasures and perspectives to photograph and to enjoy.

    Historical introduction  during a stroll in the borough
    The dinner in the “Taverna del Castello di Serravalle”
    traditional dinner and Veneto wines at the Castle

    The “Taverna del Castello” is located in the old cellar excavated in the rock at the entrance of the Castello di Serravalle, the ancient medieval fortress which closed the valley and controlled the passage from North to South,  so protecting  the Serenissima Republic of Venice from possible invasions from the North.
    The place is  exclusive and for few guests, not more than 20 people. In the summer, if the evening is warm,  the dinner will be  open-air in the outside rampart in front of the Tavern.
    The menus we will propose have as a  basis the harmony between food and wine: not only the wines will accompany the dishes but the food will help enhance the wines.
    The three wines we will propose during our dinners are all produced and typical of the area.
    The PROSECCO is a white, fresh and fizzy, by now known and famous all over the world.
    The CABERNET is a red, fresh and flavoury and has different expressions: Franc or Sauvignon.
    The RABOSO is a red, full and strong in flavour, the most particolar of the three. It is produced in a very small area of the Provincia of Treviso and does not leave space to indifference: either you like it or not.
    Your dinner will be a special experience because we will try to pass on to you the passion we have for our traditions and the explanations we will give you about our food and wine will help you to understand better the way we live in order to enjoy fully your staying in Vittorio Veneto.
    After an aperitif  with our wonderful Prosecco the menu will be based on local cuisine and wines of the area and will  be composed of

  • hors d’oeuvre,
  • a choice between two first courses
  • a choice between two second courses
  • dessert
  • a choice of wines between Prosecco, Cabernet , Raboso
  • The characteristics of the wines will be presented in English by a professional sommelier.

  • Price, booking, payment

    The price is € 35,00 per person including guided tour, dinner and wine.
    The booking is handled directly by the association "Friends of the Castrum" , Ms Ada Marcantonio, ( adamarca @ )
    This is a new initiative , so please be kind enough to book well in advance (30 days)

    Wine tasting and traditional dinner in the Serravalle Castle
    dinner in the castle
    wine tasting with a professional sommelier
    Venice county side, near Treviso and Dolomites


    Vittorio Veneto, the town of WW1 Victory
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